An experienced marketing and communications consultant and project coordinator with a solid track record in marketing initiatives, project coordination, event planning, fundraising and reporting.
Extensive network of contact people within the Indigenous communities throughout Alberta and I also work closely with Indigenous  organizations assisting in workshop facilitation, proposal writing, work plan design, project delivery, report writing, project evaluation, and project fundraising.

Demonstrated capacity to provide project coordination, event planning, budgeting and comprehensive reporting;

Proven track record of accurately completing research on the marketing and implementation of business plans

  • Highly focused and results-oriented in complex deadline-driven operations

  • Strong ability to develop and maintain collaborative relationships in support of shared outcomes at local, regional and provincial levels for service providers and recipients in indigenous organizations and communities

  • Strong facilitation skills providing cultural awareness for Indigenous liaison and community outreach programs

Skills and Strengths

  • Ability to manage numerous projects and priorities simultaneously

  • Demonstrated ability to work with a broad range of Indigenous clients and stakeholders

  • Experience in event planning, budget management and development of effective marketing materials

  • Fundraising capabilities with government and corporate sectors

  • Public speaking and presentation skills with a variety of audiences

  • Proficient computer skills, including Word, Excel, Outlook, internet, PowerPoint, desk top publishing 

  • Social networking experience using Facebook as a marketing tool

  • Ability to counsel prospective applicants for grants and scholarships as well as scholarship administrators

  • Ability to produce high-end video programming


  • Self-motivated to work in a team environment or independently

  • Fostering and maintaining positive working relationships within government/corporate/nonprofit sectors

  • Mentoring experience motivating disaffected youth

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